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Android phones suck

January 10, 2012

While I am a supporter of Android (been a user for almost 2 years now), I have to say that parislemon’s “Why I Hate Android” post has a point.

Nexus One was a great idea, although it was meant to fail when Google gave up Verizon and Sprint models in favor of Droid and EVO.

I’ve been using Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, running MIUI ROM with 2.3 Gingerbread. I like the software (MIUI is a great improvement over stock and CyanogenMod) and that I have a total control and the ability to customize every aspect of the phone. My monthly fee is $30/mo Monthly 4G with Unlimited data, text and 100 minute voice and tethering doesn’t incur any additional charges.

However the hardware is getting old and is kind of slow, and the battery life is a joke (8–10 hours of life with moderate use under 3G), no support for HSPA+, GPS is crap — that’s why I want to upgrade the phone.

There are hundeds of Android phones available in the market. No, there’s absolutely no single Android phone that I want to use. Why? Here’s the requirements for my new phone:

  • WCDMA Unlocked, support 2100MHz and hopefully AWS (T-Mobile)
  • Maximum 4 inch screen (my hand is small)
  • Support HSPA+ 42Mbps
  • Good battery life (No LTE)
  • Stock, no bloatware
  • Ability for tether/Wi-Fi hotspot with no additional cost
  • CyanogenMod / MIUI support would be nice and I don’t really care about camera quality or front facing camera, and I don’t need LTE.

That’s not a huge list of requirements, but can’t find a phone that satisfies the requirements. Only thing I’ve found yet is LG’s T-Mobile G2X available on Amazon/craigslist around $250, but that’s almost one year old and i heard its battery life is shitty.

Also, the obvious other choice is an unlocked iPhone 4S. Or I should wait for iPhone 5.