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App idea for podcasters

October 22, 2013

As a podcaster with non-fixed guests, there’s a bunch of tiny things I have to do to setup a new episode recording.

  • A .txt file in my Dropbox to keep the list of topics I want to talk about
  • New appointment for a guest is usually done in Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Skype or Email
  • Because most guests live in a different timezone, I sometimes use Doodle to schedule an episode recording, especially when there are more than two guests
  • Then we share the show note with sometimes Google Docs, sometimes Facebook Messenger, sometimes nothing at all.
  • I have a Google Docs template to share, to make a decent audio when the guest doesn’t have a USB microphone
  • Recording is streamed live and the schedule is published on Google Calendar, then the HTML pulls the schedule off of gCal using JSONP API
  • After recording, I edit the audio using GarageBand, then edit the show notes using Markdown with Erato So that’s a lot of apps, and worst thing is that some guests use Google, some Twitter and others on Facebook. Keeping the list of topics is sometimes boring too.

I’ve been thinking of a small web app that does most of these things for me, while leaving complicated tasks to a dedicated application:

  • Pool the list of topics
  • Maybe an ability to vote for topics by signing in
  • Suggesting a guest on each topic
  • Sending invitations and offers for a guest
  • Ability to schedule an ideal time slot, possibly with multiple timezone support
  • Create a new episode, then pick the topics out of the pool
  • One-click export the episode as a google calendar
  • Export the show notes as Markdown format I think this will make my Podcast scheduling a lot easier, although pretty niche to a podcaster like me.

Or, maybe setup a private github repo or google groups and use Wiki to get done with it. I don’t know, but hope to get work on some of those things to get my Podcast scheduling workflow much easier.