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Carton 1.0 is released

August 04, 2013

Carton v1.0.0 is released on CPAN.

Since the first announcement at YAPC::NA 2011, I’m sure it has taken more time than necessary, but after my attempt to grok Ruby’s bundler more, i refactored and rewrote most of the code, and I think it’s usable for the most of production apps.

I’ve been using it on my production website that handles millions of requests, and I know a lot of businesses use carton for their production environment as well.

Thanks to all the contributors and nudging people, especially at hackathons such as Carton hackathon and QA hackathon in Tokyo.

Some of the features I wanted to add missed 1.0 and I’d love to add them to 1.1, especially

  • git pinning support
  • Carton::Setup
  • Having to run carton install twice if outer dep mismatches
  • Stricter (and more useful) carton check Be it good or bad, Carton has been developed fully conference-driven. Fortunately i have more conferences to attend this year, especially YAPC::Asia in a few months. I hope to get 1.1 done by then.

For now, the documentation has been still little sparse. My talk at OSCON went really well with the live demo (slides). I plan to put together a screencast along with those lines. Stay tuned.