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Consolidating Amazon Kindle accounts

March 03, 2015

Link: Consolidating Amazon Kindle accounts

Amazon.comのアカウントにサインインし、Amazon.comのKindleストアトップページ、またはManage Your Content and Devicesにアクセスします。画面上に「Great news!」と記載されたバナー内の「Learn More」をクリックし、手順に従ってください。This is a very old news, since it has been available since the launch of Kindle for Amazon.co.jp, but today I finally consolidated my Kindle accounts on Amazon.com and .co.jp.

If you’re in a “clean” state where you haven’t purchased any books on .co.jp yet, you can self-service the migration on the browser, but that’s not been the case for me. So I needed to contact from the Amazon.co.jp’s customer support page to complete the process via web chat and email.

Once I’ve done that, all the books purchased both on .co.jp/.com are merged into one account, and then you can change the storefront you buy, from the account screen. No more dedicated device for each country storefront.

Not sure why I haven’t done this before, but now that the .co.jp has most of the features I need, namely the web reader and Mac app, it was finally the time to pull the trigger.