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FriendFeed is shutting down

March 09, 2015

Link: FriendFeed is shutting down

As anticipated when it was acquired by Facebook, FriendFeed is shutting down on April 9th.

I have this one important service running on FriendFeed, that is CPAN fresh feed.

This bot periodically sends smart HTTP GET against cpan.cpantesters.org fresh CPAN mirror to get semi-realtime updates. The delay is usually less than a minute (about 30 seconds) and is much faster than other bots based on search.cpan.org.The FriendFeed account itself isn’t that important, but there are several services watching this feed to pull the new uploads from CPAN, sort of like a realtime API — I think @cpan_new and MetaCPAN.org recent are one of those. (UPDATE: I looked at their code and MetaCPAN pulls updates directly from PAUSE)

I have to migrate this account to somewhere else with a good realtime API support, or build it on my own. Twitter obviously comes to mind — actually since there’s already @cpan_new, we can migrate the account to post it directly there.