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Kindle Paperwhite 2013

October 02, 2013

Kindle Paperwhite 2013 just got delivered to me and I’ve been using it only about 15 minutes. Here’s a quick review and some pics.


(Paperwhite 2012 left, 2013 right)

2013 has more white closer to “paper” white. 2012 is more like blue/gray white. Also the contrast is a little higher and easier to read, especially when the light turned off.

白の色がちょっと変わって、紙の色に近づいた気がする。”Paperwhite” だしね。2012 年モデルは、青っぽいというか、グレーっぽいというか。バックライトを消した時のコントラストもちょっと強くなってる。

The backlight blurriness/shadows around the bezel is gone. This was one of the annoyance many people had with Paperwhite 2012, so it’s great that they got rid of this.


There’s new draggable page navigation when moving to other chapters, with real-time preview in the embedded window. It’s great when you want to do fast page-turns with Manga.


There’s a new Japanese font called 筑紫明朝, it’s a variant of Mincho, and looks solid when you read literature books.


The biggest (but also slightest) difference between 2012/2013 is the increased performance. It’s only noticeable when you directly compare the performance with the 2012 model, but it’s obvious when you read Manga. Here’s a quick comparison video, with 2012 on the left and 2013 on the right.


and here’s another one, with page turns with Japanese novels.


It’s a very nice, but subtle, update from 2012. If you’re happy with the 2012 model performance, there’s probably little reason you must upgrade to this one. However if you spend a lot of time reading books and especially mangas on Kindle paperwhite, this is a great update — especially Amazon.co.jp model where you have double the storage (4GB) with $20 worth coupon included.

2012年モデルで満足しているなら、買い換えなきゃいけないってこともなさそう。ただ毎日それなりの時間を使ってるなら、このちょっとの差も積み重なっていく可能性はある。Amazon.co.jp 版 はストレージも倍、クーポンつきで実質割安になってるので、この機会に買ってもいいのでは。