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Nexus 4 wireless charger (aka orb)

February 15, 2013

I was afraid this dock charger won’t be out forever, but finally here it comes.

It’s really handy that i can just leave the phone on the dock without plugging in the silly micro USB plug (there’s of course upside down). Amazing stuff.

The charger is apparently compatible to Qi, so it can probably charge other Nokia phones, as well as Panasonic’s USB batteries.

The slight issue that I now have is that this is an extra cable on my desk, in addition to lightning, 30-pin and micro-USB to charge other gadgets, not replacing them.

First world problems, really.

UPDATE: Now i have two (serious) issues with this charger.

1) The phone’s vibration makes a big noise when it’s put on top of this charger, because the dock strengthens the vibration. It’ll be a serious issue for some push notifications during the night.

2) The charge often suddenly stops, and when I put the phone back it won’t charge again, until when I unplug and plug the micro USB cable in the back. I thought this is an issue of crappy micro USB cables, but i tried with 4 different micro USB cables and it happened with every one of them, which leads me to believe that this is either the charger or the nexus 4 phone hardware itself that is the issue.

Another round of returning and getting a replacement? Not fun.

UPDATE 2: I did more experiments with more cables and more power bricks, and found that the power brick that came with the charger was the faulty one. I’m now using the power brick that came with nexus 4 and it works much more reliably.