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Paying respect to Module::Build | David Golden

May 28, 2013

Link: Paying respect to Module::Build | David Golden

I want to take a moment to discuss what this means, why I suggested it, and what I think Module::Build trail blazed for Perl 5.Great post (as always) by David Golden about what Module::Build pioneered since 2001 to make the Perl toolchain ecosystem better.

Few things to add:

So… the biggest impact on end-users will be that when Perl 5 version 20 is released in Q2 2014, people will have to install Module::Build from CPAN to squelch the deprecation warning.This is usually automatic, since major CPAN clients figure out whether the module loaded from perl core lib dir is marked deprecated, and in that case it automatically reinstalls it from CPAN, and the deprecation warning will go away.

If you had a subclass to do one thing and I had a subclass that did something else and you wanted to combine them, you pretty much had to copy and paste code.I should point out there’s a work to combat this problem: Module::Build::Pluggable by tokuhirom. But I should also note that tokuhirom and I eventually agreed that most of the authoring side work should be done by the author tools, hence we are now working on Milla and Minilla — it’s no coincidence we have similar names.