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Pebble Time

August 27, 2015

Here’s a quick review of Pebble Time.

This is a second Pebble for me. The previous was Pebble Steel. It’s such an upgrade with a colorful screen (not full color), with much faster user interface and animation.

The timeline UI is very good, and the original Pebble’s watchfaces look ugly as compared to this.

The hardware looks cheap and a toy-like, but it still looks better than the Steel to me. It might not fit very well if you wear suit every day though.

I like the updated configuration for the vibration as well. The original model has a very strong vibration that I needed to turn off. Time has a “weak” setting, which I think is still a bit stronger than necessary, but it’s useful to have.

The belt is so light, easy to hold and yet comfortable.

I like it overall.