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Shirobako characters

April 06, 2015

(Slight spoiler alert)

One of the things I like about Shirobako is that it’s not just about creating anime, but it’s a story of building teams, and working with many kinds of people with different backgrounds.

I knew I can relate to a few characters in the show, and after the second run of watching it, this filming director guy looks fitting very well.

His name is apparently Yoshiki Sakura.

For both Exodus and the Aerial Squad, he was making a plugin to make his job faster, even right before the deadline. And he’s happier about that rather than completing his work, and wanted to show it off to his colleagues.

That’s like a developer who writes an editor plugin or command line tool to make a job easier, rather than coding for a project, even before the deadline. Does it ring a bell?

He also has this cool line: “Do I need 1 hour? 20 minutes would be enough.”

Of course I like Myamori, and Hiraoka (at first everyone would hate him, but given the tough work situation, he’s the most sensible person in the show), but there are many characters in the show that have their own story. And that’s why I’m sure I’ll keep watching the show again and again.