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USB Dynamic Podcasting Mic Shootout | recording hacks

August 20, 2013

Link: USB Dynamic Podcasting Mic Shootout \| recording hacks

And that’s a fairly amazing piece of news. Because it means I can recommend the ~$50 (street price) ATR2100USB as the best entry-level podcasting mic on the market. The mic’s sound quality is fantastic for this price point. And I think new podcasters will sound better through this mic than through any of the condenser mics being pitched to the podcasting market.Wondering how i missed this when I was doing the research for my Podcast microphone, but ATR2100-USB sounds like a good USB Dynamic mic, alternative to (more expensive) Rode Podcaster.

Currently I’m using Blue Yeti USB Microphone which records great audio, but because it is a condenser mic, tends to pick up background noise. While that kind of ambient noise is easy to cancel out with the post processing, i should try the dynamic mic solution, ATR-2100USB — it’s under $50 on Amazon.com.

UPDATE: I ordered one from Amazon, and will test in the next episode of my Podcast