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September 04, 2013

Link: App-cpanminus-1.7000 — get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN — metacpan.org

cpanm 1.7 has been released.

During the cpanm 1.6 (and Carton 1.0) release process, I learned that virtually nobody tests those dev (trial) releases. And people start reporting bugs when the stable release has been pushed.

So I changed the course for cpanm 1.7, and decided to upload 1.69xx releases as non-dev to CPAN. This might have broken your stuff by accidental upgrades (sorry), but I got a lot of feedback and bug reports much more quickly. And I’m confident that 1.7 is much more stable today than 1.6 was on the release date.

1.7000 is the same as the latest release of 1.69 (which was released yesterday), and major changes since 1.6 are:

  • Add — uninstall/-U command
  • Support installing recommends/suggests/develop dependencies
  • Support features selection with — with-feature, — without-feature etc.
  • Support passing arguments to configure, build, test and install with — configure-args etc.
  • Add experimental — cpanfile option
  • Add experimental — pp option
  • Now much safer to run multiple instances of cpanm
  • Improved local::lib support
  • Improved MetaCPAN query
  • Improved version extraction for install metadata (for Carton)
  • Completely eliminated dependency on search.cpan.org And of course a lot of bug fixes.

I will start on 1.8 release targeted for the next YAPC (I wonder codenaming major releases upon the conference city, since most of my perl projects are now officially conference driven), and features will likely include:

  • Rewrite cpanm internal, at least break apart the chunk of reusable components
  • Plugin system (added in 0.9 a while ago, and eventually scrapped)
  • Better git support with Carton
  • CPAN reporter integration