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September 04, 2013

Link: miyagawa/daily_digest

Generates Daily Digest from PocketI switched from Readability to Pocket while ago and I don’t miss Readability much. Pocket has much better apps for all platforms (iOS, Android and Mac), and wide range of support of “add to” support in most iOS apps and via Android share intent.

The only thing that lacks in Pocket is the Kindle Daily Digest. Although I don’t use Kindle much anymore to read stuff like unread articles (it’s a dedicated reading device to read Japanese books on Kindle Japan), sometimes I want to focus on reading a lot of articles with Kindle, like Weekend afternoon.

Sure, you can do the same with the Android phone, but it’s not the friendliest to the eyes, not to mention reading content on your Android phone in full brightness for hours kills the battery, even with the latest 4.3 update.

So I made daily_digest command line tool that does the job for me. When you configure (which is a bit annoying process because of auth) and run it, it will fetch unread items from my Pocket queue, then make them readable with Readable API (Pocket’s readable content API is only available to partners), then render it as HTML and convert to MOBI with calibre/ebook-convert, then send to IFTTT via Dropbox. (I could choose to send email directly, but leaving the other task for IFTTT makes things easier and more flexible for me)

Quite contrary to the name, I don’t intend to run this periodically — since if you do it for daily, you’ll end up with just “unread” digests and you’ll stop reading it. I plan to run it before leaving for a cafe in the weekend so that I will be with a few hours of reading material in my Kindle paperwhite.

UPDATE Added an ability to directly send email to your Kindle email address via SMTP, in case you don’t want to go through IFTTT automation, but know how to configure SMTP authentication with Gmail or SMTP services such as Mailgun or Mandrill.