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App Links

May 08, 2014

App Links — Link to what you want, wherever you are.

Publishing App Link metadata is as simple as adding a few lines to the tag in the HTML for your content. Apps that link to your content can then use this metadata to deep-link into your app, take users to an app store to download the app, or take them directly to the web to view the content. This allows developers to provide the best possible experience for their users when linking to their content.This looks a lot like Mobile Link Discovery i published back in 2005, to support mobile-device compatible URL (this was before iPhone) in meta tags, so that search engines can link to the mobile friendly URL before even linking to it. Google Japan’s mobile search supported it.

Twitter does App Cards with its Twitter card as well, interesting to see where this goes, although i haven’t seen much adoption of it, given the Twitter card is only supported by Twitter native apps yet.