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Apple Music is a nightmare and I’m done with it

July 23, 2015

Link: Apple Music is a nightmare and I’m done with it

However, if I decide I really want those songs, when I click the “Add” button, nothing happens, which seemed odd to me.My experience with Apple Music has been superior so far — It has a way larger catalog than the competitors, the pricing is decent (although their 30% advantage on iOS subscription sounds anti-competitive) and their playlist and algorithm based Radio gives pretty good selection of music.

Except when it comes to merging with the local music library. I tried to add my favorite album to “My Music”. Sometimes it succeeds, but then later it gets merged with completely unrelated albums. Sometimes, I add an EP with the same song with different DJ mixes. Original title on Apple Music has “(DJ someone mix)” but as soon as it’s added to the local library those annotations are gone. Now I have an album with 5 songs with the same title, not sure which one is my favorite remix.

I decided to stop dealing with the “Add To Music” thing with Apple Music, and use iTunes’ New and For You tab just like an Rdio or Spotify interface. I backup local music constantly so there’s little to fear, but given the above post it’s better to stay away until Apple says something officially on this.