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Carton Talks in Europe

October 27, 2013

I’m excited to tell you that in late November, I’ll be flying over to Copenhagen and London to speak at Nordic Perl Workshop and London Perl Workshop respectively.

Both in Copenhagen and London, I’ll give a talk Managing CPAN dependencies with Carton which is an updated version of the talk i gave at OSCON. But in London, will do an extra hands-on session for those who want to learn more about migrating to Carton, or more general questions about getting started with cpanminus or Milla.

I’m looking forward to meeting friends from Perl community again in Europe soon.

Partial cost of my trip to the conferences is sponsored by DK Hostmaster and Active Securities. Thank you.

You can also contribute to the trip by buying Carton Screencast or Plack Handbook.

P.S. I will also stop by Frankfurt in between, in case anyone there want to get some beer.