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Plack 1.0 and the future

July 19, 2012

I’m proud and excited to announce the long-awaited release of Plack 1.0 on CPAN.

This is our 120th release since we started this project on October 2009 and has commits from 92 developers (counting with git log and including duplicates from different email address).

Congratulations to everyone involved in the project!

Why now?

The previous release was 0.9991, it was obvious we were running out of numbers :)

Seriously, we now know a lot of companies and people use Plack both for their production environment and for fun, and “yeah it was pre-1.0” is not a good excuse anymore to warrant a big change. We figured that we should better get 1.0 out, and then make a breaking change (if any) in upcoming 1.1 release.


It’s almost 2 years since I have been doing non-Perl stuff for my own work, and although I’m still motivated and proud of what we’ve accomplished, it’s obvious that often times I become a bottleneck for the development.

To solve this problem, we did 2 things:

  • Moved the git repository under the github plack organization
  • Formed the core team of Plack who is responsible for the development and working with community contributions The core team members were selected and appointed by me, based on their previous contributions to the project and their eagerness to help project going forward. This is a small start, and we can invite more people to the core team once this process turns out a good change (which I believe so).

Plack has always been a community project, and nothing is going to change. We always welcome contributions from the community, and now we have more pairs of eyes to look at them and make things even better.

In the short term, we plan to split the Plack distribution to be much easier for downstream to depend on specific parts of the Plack building blocks, as well as ripping out unnecessary modules out of the core. These new distributions will also belong to the new plack github organization.

I’m excited about the change and hope you’re as well.