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The Elephant Vanishes

June 26, 2012

Link: The Elephant Vanishes

The Elephant Vanishes is a collection of Murakami’s early short/medium-long stories. I’ve read almost all of them in other collections in Japanese already, but thought it might be worth a short re-reading them in English.

Rented this book digitally on Kindle from SFPL and have been reading it for a while. The SFPL rental expires in 21 days, but I can rent it again once expired (as long as nobody else is in the queue), and all the Kindle’s notes and whispersync information are still there. How first world it is!

Anyway I enjoy the book a lot, especially “A Family Affair” translation by Jay Rubin. It is like a gem. Highly recommended for even a first timer for Murakami’s stories.