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Six Colors: Stream your podcast audio live from your iOS device

September 29, 2014

Link: Six Colors: Stream your podcast audio live from your iOS device

As someone who streams his own podcasts live, I was intrigued by Marco’s setup. And while Marco uses this particular setup when he’s on the road (he has a mixing board when he’s at home), for the past few months I’ve been using the same setup to stream The Incomparable. From an iPad mini. (I usually use Nicecast from Rogue Amoeba, but various aspects of my Mac’s audio system began behaving strangely when I started using the Yosemite betas.)It’s definitely interesting to use an iPad to send the stream directly to an Icecast server.

My setup for Rebuild is a simple Skype bot setup — I have a bot running on my Mac mini at home, and connect our conversation with the bot, which audio then is routed to Nicecast to the streaming server.

I used to use more complex, but free setup with Soundflower and Jack, but with the update to Mountain Lion, I figured it’s easier if I do the Nicecast setup. As a bonus it lets me capture the audio in an mp3 file locally for a backup.

The setup works both with recording over the Skype, also when I record on the road with GarageBand. The GarageBand setup is a bit more complicated, but I just need to turn on the real time monitoring on GB, with the audio set to Soundflower, then pipe that into Skype’s input.