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Apple Podcasts app now with Show Notes

November 17, 2014

Link: Apple Podcasts app now with Show Notes

For Rebuild I put a lot of relevant links in the Show Notes, which is available on the web page as well as RSS feed metadata (description field). Most podcast client application like Overcast or Pocket Casts displays them in the playback screen. Apple Podcasts app probably is the only major podcast client application that doesn’t display HTML in their UI.

Not until the recent major update.

According to the email I received this weekend from Apple, the Apple Podcasts app on iOS now supports displaying the HTML links in description field. With a little bit of research, it now tries to show content:encoded, then fallback to itunes:summary or description.

If you subscribe to Rebuild.fm on your iPhone/iPad, refresh the feed and each episode now has the full show note links.